Benefits of having a brand and development partner

Organisations that are able to combine different functions’ smart thinking together usually have the better chance at delivering a good experience for the customer. Dave Clark is digital and brand transformation agency that strongly advocates for the cross-pollination of disciplines in the name of a better product delivered at the end.

As both your brand, design and development partner, there’s less risk of important information and nuance being lost by the time it gets to the build. Our developers and designers spend a lot of time together, learning about each other’s work and taking this information into each project.

If you work with Dave Clark to reimagine your brand, you can be confident that your website, software as a service (SaaS) product, marketing materials or any other digital activation is going to carry your core message all the way through. And in a world where it can take prospective customers up to a dozen or more interactions with your brand to make a decision to purchase, we think this is a big advantage.

What we offer

When your business is your digital product, it’s important to have a partner who understands all aspects of software development. With an increasing number of businesses who provide cloud based services, it’s those extra touches that can influence a prospective customer to choose you over someone else.

When it comes to SaaS, we have the ability to do anything with your software. Thanks to our deep expertise in back and front end development, database management and security, we’re able to deliver a sophisticated SaaS product that is designed to accommodate iterations and updates seamlessly for your customer. We align our developers, designers and other technical experts to plan, build and test a product that you’re confident to launch into the world.

With Dave Clark, your SaaS product is built by a cross-functional team that requires no additional help from anyone else but you, our client. We’ve been helping New Zealand, Australia and Singapore businesses this way for over 20 years.

Dave Clark doesn’t just get involved at key stages of the product’s development. Our project management, design, research, development, testing and UX expertise essentially allows us to take on the entire project for you, delivering an end to end service that takes the pressure off your internal teams.

Alternatively, we have a great track record of plugging into existing teams and providing value in the areas that you require.

Developing an entire SaaS product often takes years. This is especially common for large, complex projects that require engaging multiple partners to get over the line.

Dave Clark on the other hand is incredibly efficient. We bring the agility of a startup team, but the experience and capability to create corporate-level products and websites. What takes other firms years to deliver, can take us 6 months. Just another benefit of having a truly cross-disciplined agency.

The interface your customers experience each time is absolutely vital to get right. Never before have online users been more discerning as to the ease of their tools’ functionality. Dave Clark applies our front end capabilities to SaaS products by working in tandem with visual designers and your own team’s requirements to build a UI that makes sense to the end user.

Our front end team pays close attention to the design of your information architecture, user flows and style guides. Every component of your software’s design will be thought about, tested and refined carefully by us prior to launch.

It doesn’t matter if you have legacy systems requiring some custom coding or bespoke APIs to bring to life and connect to a modern new SaaS product. Our capabilities allow us to develop a solution that works with, not against, your existing tech stack. And if we find a way of connecting your existing systems better than is currently implemented, our project team will show you.

If you have an existing system that is working, albeit not as well as you’d like, our team can adopt this and modernise it through a combination of front and back end modification. Part of our process is familiarising and onboarding with your systems to a degree where we’re able to get the most out of them as we build your SaaS product.

Many providers who build software don’t have the in-house capabilities for visual design and brand direction. Dave Clark is a digital and brand transformation agency with pedigree in the visual space and branding is what we do. This allows us to embed your brand identity into the SaaS product at both a broad and granular level. Does that button’s microcopy align with the brand direction? Does the colour palette stay consistent with marketing materials? Does the help guide sound like the same ‘voice’ as your TV advertising? All of these considerations can combine for a richer, more coherent user experience in your SaaS product.

It’s important to remember that for many SaaS models, users will pay by a monthly subscription - retaining users is as much a challenge as acquiring them in the first place. We make sure that your SaaS product is an extension of your brand and design language, subtly reinforcing to customers why they chose you.