The benefits of multidiscipline design.

David Hayward - 20 May 2019

There will always be a place for solo specialists but the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach and deep - rather than specialist - knowledge brings many benefits.

1. You get closer to your customers

This is the ultimate goal, the result of all this work. With a successful collaboration with multidiscipline designers, you’ll be telling your story authentically to the people that matter most to you. The very interaction itself will be a great experience. You’ll cut through the web of distraction, no matter whether it’s in the physical or the digital world.

2. Solution agnostic approach

Some creative agencies will find a way to reframe your marketing problem so that it fits their preferred solution. But a multidisciplinary digital agency will regularly find and fulfil the true potential of the project. Not only that, they’ll be cognisant of any possible risks early on – that way, if you decide that you want to expand into other formats, your assets are future-proofed and ready to go.

3. More creative solutions

A multidiscipline approach creates breakthrough creative solutions because diversity of thought and experience is more likely to uncover new or unconventional angles on a regular basis than rigid single-mindedness. Famous design firms like IDEO have been using multidisciplinary collaboration to solve complex problems and create innovative products for years.

4. Seamless design experiences

Digital design is a great example – good digital UX design and collaboration with developers generally leads to better, more seamless websites, chatbots and apps.

Let’s be like Leonardo

Unlike viewing the Mona Lisa, surrounded by pristine walls and white space in a gallery, customers are experiencing brands amongst the clutter and noise of their busy physical and digital worlds. They’re getting increasingly numbed by the volume of messages and tiresome hyperbole. To stand out, we need breakthrough creativity and consistency across touch-points. Although the medium has changed, the method hasn’t. Be like Leonardo – immerse yourself with brilliant specialists in an environment where cross-pollination can thrive.

As the scale of change accelerates, it’s the truly transformative brands that are succeeding. Make sure you stay among them with a multidiscipline design approach.

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