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Since 2001 our aim has remained the same. Listen to clients, understand their audiences, solve their problems and make them look amazing. Pretty simple, really.
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Our strength lies in our multi-discipline approach that leads to more consistent, memorable and complete experiences for all sorts of customers, online and offline.

Clients come to us for our service as well as our ability to cut through the noise and get things done. Much of this stems from the right attitude and the right investment in senior talent. Talent that balances blue sky ideas with practicality, and creativity with processes, in order to deliver on your key metrics.


Five studios working together as one.

When you partner with DCD, you get access to more than 70 amazing talents in Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington, because we're one big team. Meet our local team.
Dave Clark Design staff Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

General Manager

Andrew is a former business director with TBWA London who has worked in Asia for more than 7 years, across various clients and categories. He’s responsible for the day-to-day strategic direction of DCD clients in the region.

Dave Clark Design staff Keegan Tan

Jeremy Yang

Senior Creative

Jeremy has worked across a range of traditional and digital advertising projects in Singapore including ones for the Ministry of Manpower and the Media Development Authority. He plays a lead role in the creative work coming our of our Singapore studio.

Dave Clark Design staff Jeremy Yang

Keegan Tan


Keegan stands out as a print design specialist with good experience across everything from high-profile FMCG accounts to global charities like World Vision. He’s a creative thinker who has a keen eye for detail and boundless enthusiasm.

Dave Clark Design staff Anson Tan

Anson Tan


Anson arrived on our door from Hakuhodo Singapore. A versatile designer, he’s also been involved in a number of painting and sculpture projects for SCAPE, NUS Sports Club and the Asian Civilizations Museum.

Dave Clark Design staff Dave

Dave Clark


Dave is a past recipient of the DINZ Outstanding Achievement Award, for his work in furthering New Zealand's design culture. He’s been responsible for the design of many of NZ’s most iconic brands, including the All Blacks.

Dave Clark Design staff Andy

Andy Brown

Group General Manager

Andy manages the overall performance of all five DCD studios. As a qualified designer with a background in advertising, design and production, there’s no one better placed to understand the many facets of our business.

Dave Clark Design staff Jonathan

Jonathan Tillick

Group Digital Director

Jonathan sets the digital strategy and tone of the customer experience for our wider digital team. Working closely with clients, he ensures customers’ digital interactions with brands are relevant, authentic and rewarding.

Dave Clark Design staff Gligor

Gligor Kotushevski

Technical Director

Gligor defines highly scalable applications and guides our development team to implement solutions that deliver the highest quality outcomes. A real interest in how end users engage with the digital products his team creates really sets him apart.

Dave Clark Design staff Siva

Siva Kumar

Senior Digital Producer

Siva has been involved in digital project management for more than 15 years. Formerly a project manager at The Hyperfactory, where he delivered mobile projects for clients in NZ, Australia and USA, his technical know-how is first-rate.

Dave clark design staff Stefano

Stefano Pietroiusti

Back-end Developer

Stefano has worked all across the globe in his 20 years as an analyst developer and data engineer. He takes great please in building solutions to resolve pain points with technology and data. In his past roles he’s delivered multiple solutions to help clients improve their information and business processes.

Dave Clark Design staff Ray

Ray Shi

Senior Web Developer

Ray operates with the efficiency of a Swiss clock on back as well as front-end developments. A smart coder who is committed to robust testing, he drives many of our decisions on CMS, social media and banner work.

Dave Clark Design staff Adrian D

Adrian Domingo

Senior Web Developer

Adrian’s a fantastic Drupal developer who doesn’t mind a bit of JQuery, AngularJS, Python, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Docker, Vagrant, Git, Fabric, Ansible, Amazon S3, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Bash, Linux, Gulp, and Karma too.

Dave Clark Design staff Sandra

Sandra Hoogerbrug

UX Designer

Sandra is a former category manager with retail giant, The Warehouse. Her understanding of customer purchasing decisions and behaviours plays a huge role in our creation of consistent customer journeys across touchpoints.

Dave Clark Design staff Mike

Michael Frogley

Motion Director

Michael has top international experience, having helped in the rebrand of Sky News, PlayStation’s move to HD, and many other projects in the UK. An experienced videographer, he’s both creative and technical lead for motion projects.

Dave Clark Design staff Brad

Brad Avison

Motion Designer

Brad is slowly but surely conquering every design discipline. First, he was a graphic designer at the best ad agencies. Then he rose to the top of app design and collected a Best Award. Now he’s into motion because he loves 3D.

Dave Clark Design staff Andrew

Andrew Smith

Group Creative Director

Andrew is the creative head of DCD. He holds a special interest in bringing together cross-discipline teams to work cohesively. As a creative director for nearly 20 years, he has worked with a number of different Australian and New Zealand retail and corporate clients.

Dave Clark Design staff Jacinta

Jacinta Mauga

Senior Designer

Jacinta’s eye for photography and dedication to craft – best demonstrated in her graduate campaigns for Buddle Findlay (a law firm) – gives our work a real ‘cool factor’. She’s worked at agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

Dave Clark Design staff Katie Tat

Katie Tat

General Manager Auckland

Katie’s a former account director at TBWA in Sydney, where she ran the PR accounts for global giants such as Apple and PlayStation. Armed with infectious enthusiasm, she excels in building relationships, networking, and strategy.

Dave Clark Design staff Mark

Mark Wong

Senior Production Designer

Mark is the closest thing we have to a machine, such is his efficiency in running our express design service for clients. He’s also an incredibly talented illustrator who has published two comic books. Marvel’s loss is our gain.

Dave Clark Design staff Devin

Devin Fennell

Design Director

Devin is responsible for all aspects of design and project management. A multiple winner at Best Awards, London International Awards and RED, he specialises in creative platform and communications strategy development.

Dave Clark Design Staff Luis M

Luis Macedo

Design Director

Luis has grown creative teams for the best part of a decade. Recognised for his user-centric focus and brand experience mindset, he has a talent for creative problem solving and digital innovation that adds real value to your business.

Dave clark design staff Rafael

Rafael Contreras

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Raf has almost two decades of experience in all aspects of app design, architecture, and development. He has Computer Science Engineering, Graphic Design, and Business Admin backgrounds; which allows him to see the big picture of app development while keeping an eye on the details. He has worked as UI/UX designer and researcher, front-end and mobile developer, and back-end developer.

Dave clark design staff karthik

Karthik Subbaraj

Senior Test Analyst

Karthik is a computer science engineer with a great eye for detail. Before joining DCD he worked in the e-commerce, real estate and finance industries delivering high level projects and showcasing a great ability to adapt to products and hunt bugs.

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Whatever we do, we make sure working with us is easy by being prepared, flexible and nice. Nice by itself is good. But nice mixed with great results – now that’s when you hit the jackpot.