Auckland Rugby League

Modernising a beloved institute

Auckland Rugby League (ARL) were undertaking a multi-year organisational transformation. To help with this transition, we were tasked with energising and modernising the brand. Our remit was to enable and empower the organisation to embrace its vibrant, diverse, and forward-thinking future.
AR Ljersey
ARL pattern
Mock up for the ARL website displayed on a laptop

For the win

With a clear goal to raise ARL’s profile as a reputable and leading sporting organisation in Aotearoa and internationally, we embarked first on the brand refresh process. Building from the inside out, we worked quickly and with limited budget to create a smart, modern design system across a growing range of touchpoints.

Arl hat
Arl tagline
DC mock ups of the social media templates used by ARL
Mock up of the ARL branding displayed as posters on building site wall

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