Motion design is the perfect way to add vibrance and life to your brand. Whether you want to add a little bit of motion to your logo or create more complex animations or videos, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Why use motion design in your branding?

Your visual brand represents your company, so it’s important that it accurately reflects who you are and what you do. Adding motion to your brand is a simple way to help you communicate in a more engaging and visually interesting manner.

Not only that, but motion helps set your brand apart from the competition. In a world of social content and short-form videos where everyone is trying to grab your attention, a little bit of motion can go a long way to elevate your brand.

9 ways to add motion into your branding:

Use a moving logo

An animated logo is a quick and effective way to infuse motion into your brand identity and collateral. Whether on your website, social platforms or even across presentations or emails, an animated logo catches attention and adds movement to your communications.

Add animations to your website

Adding animation to your website is an excellent way to make it more engaging and visually interesting. The hero section of your website can be the perfect place to add some animation/motion, whether it’s a showreel, typography or animated illustration or videos. These pieces can also be re-used in email newsletters or edited for content to go on your social media pages.

Create a promotional video

A brand or promotional video is a fantastic way to introduce your company, brand, and team, effectively showing off your personality and getting people interested in what you do and how you do it. Concise and to the point, animated explainer videos offer a way to really capture your audience’s attention, but simple real time videos can work just as well.

An Explainer video

When you’ve got customers or clients asking detailed questions about your business or product, an explainer can take the weight off your staff or call centres and save scrolling through pages of a website or PDF. Explainer videos can be a brief or in-depth walkthrough of a subject and even act as a sales tool to bring in more business.

Make social media videos

Social media content is a great way to speak directly to your audience. It’s a quick way to promote a business, brand, products, or services. It can also be a way answer questions or concerns, for example, “hey guys, we’ve just moved around the corner to this awesome new location, come and check it out!” Social media is a good place to add motion to your brand. You can create short videos that introduce your company and tell people about yourself. Animations and motion design can be used to promote products and enhance campaigns. And you can also use social media to repurpose any other content you may have created into quick short form videos/reels.

Add movement to your presentations

You don't have to settle for static presentations. Adding a touch of movement, or animation can make your slides more engaging and visually captivating. It's great for highlighting important points and adding interest to your content through subtle motion. Your audience will appreciate the enhanced experience and enjoy your presentations even more.

Implement animated typography

It's easy to make your brand stand out with animated typography. Instead of using plain text, bring your words to life with a little bit of motion. Creating animated typography that introduces your brand or campaign is an enjoyable way to engage audiences, and grab attention. They'll automatically start reading the text so all you need to do is make sure your message is strong enough to make a lasting impact.

Make a micro-animation

Micro-animations are small, modest animations that can be used to add some visual interest to your website and content. They can be used to highlight important information or add some fun to your site. And if the animations are centred around your brand, they’re easy to re-use across different marketing collateral.

Design a motion graphic template

A motion graphic template is a quick way to add some visuals to your brand without having to start from scratch. You can use a template to create social media videos, presentations, or even email signatures.

Using motion for marketing

Motion design is increasingly popular in digital marketing. It creates visually captivating content for ads, social media, and digital experiences. Incorporating motion grabs attention and builds audience engagement, as people are more likely to watch a video than read a block of text. On top of that it can help marketing materials quickly and effectively communicate complex ideas.

With subtle movements, transitions, and animated effects, it adds visual appeal enhancing brands and their reputation. It can effectively convey messages, tell brand stories, and leave lasting impressions. In a competitive digital landscape, it's a valuable tool that elevates marketing efforts.

The benefits of motion design for branding

Utilising videos in your branding has loads of benefits. Whether you want to impress people in a presentation, directly connect with your audience, or attract potential customers, videos can greatly increase engagement. They allow you to tell a story and evoke emotions in a way that static images simply can't. This is why incorporating videos into your marketing strategy is a good idea.

It also allows you to stand out from the competition, as many brands still rely heavily on static design. Additionally, it can help you communicate complex messages quickly and effectively as well as increasing click-through rates.

Adding motion to your branding can make it more memorable and allow you to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Market leaders in many avenues of business use motion design successfully with their brand, and there’s no reason you can’t either.

Reuben Barrett is the Marketing Manager of Dave Clark.