6 tips to get your ideas over the line

Reuben Barrett - 29 November 2021

When it’s time to convince management of your next big idea you need a compelling way to get your message across. So why not think like a designer? Here are some tactics you can use to make your next pitch a winning one.

1. Tell a story

Instead of jumping straight in and presenting your idea as a series of budgets, figures and breakdowns, create a story that sets the scene and demonstrates the impact of those facts. Ideally you can draw on real life experiences bosses can relate to, but if not, make it up.

2. Create a presentation that is persuasive

One that actually adds to your narrative. Good presentation ideas are easily lost in a mediocre design, so it pays to choose wisely when it comes to PowerPoint or Keynote designs. You need slides that highlight your innovative ideas, as well as quotes, key phrases, images, and other visual elements that support and enhance – rather than bury – your key selling points.

3. Bring abstract ideas to life with visuals

If your idea will increase sales by 30%, show what that looks like on a graph that uses real numbers, to make your point more concrete. Adding graphics, emojis, and even gifs in the right places will also help bring your presentation to life.

4. Use visual metaphors to highlight key points

Don’t just tell your boss that new customers will flock in like moths to a flame. Illustrate it with an image to help the point stick in their mind. Visual images of a situation we’re already familiar with help retain points longer in our memory. They give us something easy to refer to.

5. Make sure your stars (and everything else) are aligned

Sounds basic and it is! Taking a few extra moments to check there is some symmetry and balance to the content on your slides will make the points you want to make easier for your boss to digest.

6. Close strong

You’ve delivered a great presentation. Now’s the time to close with a strong finish. You can’t rely on how nice your presentation looks – or your bosses’ attention span – so it’s important to summarise your key points at the end. Sounds like a lot of work? It’s not really but if you get stuck or simply don’t have the time, you can always call on your design agency to put presentations together for you.