ANZ Agency Partnership

Standardising a brand in 34 countries.

When ANZ began acquiring businesses in Asia as part of its super regional strategy, it identified the need to solidify and strengthen its branding across regions and business units. So it was up to us to standardise what was going on, providing unified branding execution across multi channels for global consistency.

Setting standards, solving problems.

As ANZ’s global brand guardian, we set standards and solve problems from a design perspective. It’s a continuous process – we stress-test individual brand assets everywhere from billboards to branches, apps to ATMs and everything in between. Central to this is the creation of rigorous yet flexible brand guidelines and detailed digital templates for the ANZ master brand. This includes executions covering advertising, digital experiences, internal comms and outdoor marketing. We’ve created hundreds of templates and comprehensive image libraries for use by agency partners.


Bringing it all together.

Accessed universally and securely, staff and suppliers now also refer to an easy to use ANZ brand guideline which houses the guidelines, templates and core brand assets. Having all this information on a web platform not only champions consistency, it allows teams to work more efficiently and accurately.


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