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Before you write off print, consider this…

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with digital content and messages, print collateral can actually be a refreshing change for your target audience. Plus, it can be a really effective way to reach your audience and deliver your message in a tangible way.

Print collateral incorporates any type of printed material that you use to promote your business, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, and catalogs. And while some businesses may be moving away from print in favour of digital marketing tactics, there are still many cases where print collateral can be a powerful marketing tool.

In the age of digital marketing, it’s easy to overlook the importance of print collateral. After all, why would you invest in something that can’t be tracked or measured like a website or an email campaign? But, print offers a few key advantages that digital marketing tactics simply can’t match.

Print collateral still has its place

When used correctly, print collateral can be a powerful marketing tool that complements your digital campaigns and helps you stand out from the competition.

Here are some reasons why print collateral is still relevant in today’s marketing landscape:

It’s tangible – Print collateral is a physical manifestation of your brand that people can hold in their hands.

This tangibility can make a big impression on potential customers and help them remember your brand long after they’ve put your brochure down. Why? Because people are more likely to remember something if they can see it, touch it, or both.

It adds credibility – In a world where anyone can create a website, print collateral adds a level of credibility to your business.

Having professionally designed and printed materials shows that you’re serious about your business and helps you stand out from the competition. It's also a great way to show that you're invested in your brand.

It’s personal – Print collateral allows you to get personal with your marketing efforts and connect with your target audience on a more emotional level. For example, you could include a handwritten note with each piece of mail you send out.

This personal touch can make a big impression on your audience and help forge a stronger connection with your brand.

It’s versatile – Print collateral is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business. For example, you could use flyers to promote a special event or sale or include a brochure in an online order.

The possibilities are endless, which gives you the freedom to get creative with your marketing efforts.

It’s cost-effective – Although print collateral may require a larger upfront investment than some digital marketing tactics, it can be quite cost-effective in the long run.

Our philosophy on print graphic design

At Dave Clark, we believe in the power of print and its ability to complement your digital marketing efforts.

We approach print design with the same level of care and attention to detail as we do for web and app design projects.

Our goal is to create beautiful, effective, and memorable print collateral that makes a positive impression on your target audience. For us, print design is all about creating something that people will want to hold on to.

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Creating print that supports digital

There's no question that digital marketing is in, but that doesn't mean print collateral is out. In fact, we believe that the two can work together to create a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Creating print collateral that supports your digital marketing efforts can be a great way to complement your existing campaigns and reach a wider audience. For example, a flyer or postcard can be a great way to drive traffic to your website or social media pages.

Likewise, including a QR code on your print collateral can make it easy for people to find your website or social media pages.

No matter how you choose to use it, print collateral can be a powerful marketing tool that helps you achieve your business goals.

At Dave Clark, we understand the limitations of each medium and how to use them effectively to reach your target audience. We also know how to integrate print and digital design to create a cohesive brand experience.

Whether you’re looking for a new flyer design or need help with your annual report, we can create stunning print collateral that supports your overall marketing goals.

Print design for customer communications

Customer communications involve anything you send to your customers, whether it’s a bill, a statement, or just a friendly reminder.

It’s important to make sure that your customer communications are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Our team of experienced designers can help you create stunning customer communications that get your message across without any confusion.

We can also help you create a brand identity for your customer communications, which can make a big impression on your viewers and help you stand out from the competition.

Whether you're looking for a new design for your annual report or need help creating a direct mail campaign, we can work with you to create stunning print collateral that gets results.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to help you take your print design to the next level.


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