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Watercare Annual Report

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Watercare’s water supply and wastewater services are critical to the economic, social and environmental health and well-being of our communities. They’ve always engaged multiple agencies to deliver their communications, which has led to a slightly inconsistent design approach. What they needed was a new set of brand guidelines that would get everyone singing off the same hymn sheet, once and for all. Oh – and – someone to make their annual reports more readable, concise and engaging.

Watercare Annual Report


Watercare serves a community comprised of more than 180 ethnicities. Approximately 12% of these do not speak English so one of the first things we did was to develop a library of icons that ‘spoke to everyone’. This project was something of a balancing act – Watercare wanted to soften its public perception while maintaining its credibility at the same time. This explains the marriage of more ‘corporate’ looking droplet backgrounds and relaxed fonts that are to be used selectively, for example. We also simplified the colour palette and introduced a new illustrative style. In terms of the reports, each one is bound by a unique theme. For example, in 2013 it was ‘thinking ahead’, an idea that we introduced through a gatefold cover that included succinct forecasts up until 2027. The real strength of these reports lies in the sheer degree to which Watercare measures their success against key performance indicators. Every year we further simplify the way these measures are represented graphically, reducing complex data into easy-to-understand icons.

Watercare Annual Report


We created brand guidelines that clearly detail the ‘who we are, what we do and how that shapes the way we communicate with our customers’. Communications across the board are more consistent. And to cap it off, Watercare has won gold for 12 consecutive years at the Australasian Reporting Association’s Annual Report of the Year. “This report provides an excellent review of the year and an honest account of the challenges the organisation faces. An outstanding stakeholder engagement summary outlines methods and achievements. Excellent use of visual elements engage the reader.” (2016 Australasian Reporting Awards)

Watercare Annual Report
Watercare Annual Report


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Award-winning annual report

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