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Buddle Findlay Graduate Campaign

To the top.


Buddle Findlay was on a mission to find talented law clerks at the top of their game for a summer internship programme. The problem was every other law firm was looking at the same time, so we needed to deliver an extra bold recruitment campaign to make them stand out.

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As a ‘top 5’ law firm, Buddle Findlay is only interested in taking on the very best graduates … graduates who can rise to … the … top! So we set out to make this crystal clear. There’s a certain charm in the playful way we have treated this very exclusive message, visually. By using objects such as toy dinosaurs and ice cream cones we are saying ‘yes we have high expectations’ but also ‘yes what we are offering is very attainable’. Tonally this approach underlines the firm’s image as approachable and friendly, as well as modern with a strong heritage.

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Utilising the same three basic stock shots across all media, this became a very cost effective campaign with high cut through.

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