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Tiger Coffee Branding



Tiger Coffee is an Australasian business that sells top quality Swiss and Italian self-service coffee machines B2B. With plans to expand the business, it was time to refresh the brand in a way that was modern, engaging and consistent with their premium offering.

Tiger Coffee Bag


The business felt a strong connection to its brand heritage, which we embraced while introducing distinctive use of type, illustration and a more sophisticated colour palette. We also designed a set of secondary elements that explore the idea of coffee as a total experience, since coffee is not just about the taste but the process of making the perfect brew too. This theme culminates in the depiction of the leaping tiger – that moment of anticipation before the ‘kill’ when coffee addicts devour their prey.

Tiger Coffee Cups


Tiger’s refreshed brand identity has been a great success, with increased presence and visibility in the market helping the company to deliver on its growth strategy. They’ve launched their own coffee brand, bought land to establish a plantation in Queensland and built a roastery on site.

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Tiger Coffee




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