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Tax Traders brand identity

the X factor.


Tax Traders is a young company that needed a new brand identity system to match its status as an innovator in the world of tax pooling.

showcasing the x factor


When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. The only problem was Tax Traders didn’t know how to project its X factor to the world. To start, we suggested a change of name from the New Zealand Tax Trading Company. Then we utilised the angles from the X to form a distinctive and memorable identity. X represents the idea they are bringing something new to the market, as genuine game changers. A bold simplicity based on a black and white colour palette cuts through the mediocrity to say ‘this is who we are’. The beauty lies in thedetail that is not obvious at first sight, such as the gloss-on-matt finishes. While the choice of photography (natural beauty rather than the glass towers) answers the need to appeal to both big and small business throughout New Zealand. With the new identity signed off, we then applied it to an all-new responsive website that included new interfaces for existing tax and finance calculators.

showcasing the x factor


In the time that we’ve been working together, Tax Traders has been named in the Deloittes Fast 50, moved into new offices and doubled the size of its team. Although hard to quantify, it’s reasonable to say our branding has played some role in this growth.

showcasing the x factor
showcasing the x factor
showcasing the x factor


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