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MacDiarmid Annual Report

Science on
the brink.


The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology brings together New Zealand’s best and brightest scientists. They are way too busy conducting high-level research to worry about designing annual reports, so they asked us to lend a hand.

macdiarmid annual report


MacDiarmid’s desire for an annual report that was more about the scientists than the numbers led us to adopt an editorial approach in the form of a technical document. The design is strong and bold. Each section is printed black with one other colour to help readers navigate the document, and, complement the black and white photography supplied by the client. When we design annual reports we really try to capture the essence of each company that makes them unique, which in this case meant highlighting images from the institute’s nanotech library.

macdiarmid annual report


A beautifully designed annual report (and promotional tool for further funding) that has been well received by both staff and institution associates.

macdiarmid annual report
macdiarmid annual report

The design is strong and bold with each section printed in black with one other colour to help the reader navigate their way through the document. Black and white photography complements this colour palette, with hero images coming from the institute’s nanotech library.


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Annual Report

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