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Since the arrival of former Audi designer Peter Schreyer, Kia’s design ethos has gone from strength to strength. So it wanted us to design and build an all-new responsive website – complete with new content management system and integrated Kia dealer pages – that looked and performed just as well.

Kia Responsive Website
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As part of the build and design process, we future-proofed the site to accommodate high pixel density devices, delivered information in bite-sized pieces minus much of the auto industry ‘marketing speak’ that sounds good but means nothing, and, stripped out unnecessary content to provide a revitalised customer-centric approach. We also introduced a more logical navigation and better tracking from banners and social media. This is a never-ending project marked by incremental change on a week-by-week basis that drives performance and keeps delivering the most relevant content to car buyers. One where updating homepages, making content and structural tweaks based on usage patterns, designing new forms and further developing the CMS to ensure seamless access for the client are all ongoing.

kia responsive website


The clean, responsive design makes the user experience on mobile and tablet equally rewarding. While the decision to pull together the many individual dealer sites under one umbrella has resulted in positive spin-offs for both searchability and brand consistency. Content is now easier to find thanks to the new, more logical navigation. And, traffic from banners and social media is easier to track.

kia responsive website
kia responsive website

Future-proofed to accommodate high pixel density devices, kia.co.nz dishes up information in bite-sized pieces, sans much of the auto industry marketing speak that sounds good but means nothing. All of which is built on a robust CMS for fast, efficient updates to models and campaigns. More logical navigation and better tracking from banners and social media round out the major improvements in what is a significant step forward for Kia’s online presence.


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Responsive website



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