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Buddle Findlay

Graduate campaign

Imagination overdrive.


Buddle Findlay was on a mission to find talented law clerks at the top of their game for a summer internship programme.


The problem was every other law firm was looking at the same time, so we needed to deliver an extra bold recruitment campaign that would stand out.



In the minds of fresh, young graduates the world is their oyster, so we wanted to help them realise that just about anything is possible when they put their minds to it. Interpreted as a series of surrealist mash-ups, this campaign feels curious and playful: a woman on a bumble bee; a puppy with wings; a child swinging from a cloud. 


The typeface (Cumulus & Foam) serves as the perfect typographical expression of this concept, given its hint of Dada and the surreal. Posters as well as advertising drove traffic to a microsite where applicants could find out about the lives of previous summer clerks, and kick off their own application process. 



From three basic images, we managed to develop a highly cost-effective campaign that achieved high cut-through in a cluttered market.


Both the number and quality of applicants improved on previous years, and, students saw Buddle Findlay as a more relevant employer brand.



Buddle Findlay


Campaign Collateral