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Internal communications

New ways of working.


As ANZ embarked on its biggest transformational change in decades, it needed a new way of talking about a new way of working. Creating another series of internal emails wasn't going to cut it. 


A more personal touch was required. This was a complex project requiring buy-in from 50,000 employees and ongoing commitment on our part to get results.



A recurring theme in the discovery phase for us was simplification. Simplification of reasons why they exist, what they do and how they do it; as well simplification of management structures that empower employees to make genuine improvements to the customer experience. ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott's down-to-earth and approachable leadership style led us to an extremely lo-fi approach whereby assets were broken down to their simplest form.


It’s bold and visually disruptive, but authentic and engaging at the same time. Simple language that lets the real message shine, warmth and empathy are the new norm. Shayne’s mantra was ‘less formal, more normal’. This informality is obvious in the intro to the first design piece, an A2 letter on uncoated stock. Shayne was walking the walk, in changing the way he himself communicated. The marker pen style indirectly says to staff that ‘we want less bureaucracy, more empowerment’.



Following the launch of the ANZ Way, the bank’s HR team reported very satisfying staff engagement levels. We're talking a 20 per cent increase in staff confidence that the new workplace culture could enable change. And greater understanding of the ANZ Way message.


There was more confidence in senior leaders as active role models for ANZ’s values. Plus higher approval of the bank’s efforts to promote open, two-way communication. ANZ liked the new design approach so much that it was adopted for all future internal communications projects.





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