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By David Hayward

Nov 6, 2018 3:11:45 PM

Three tips to finding great marketers.

Three tips to finding great marketers

We’re designers who solve design challenges for marketers – not recruitment headaches. But after hiring two marketing specialists of our own recently, we do have some tips for finding the right ones.

Adding to your marketing team can be a really tough process. Budgets are not limitless, and marketing managers have to balance specialisation and technical requirements.

To better serve our customers, we recently added two tremendous marketing talents of our own - in the form of Christine Yuen and Elle Warren. One’s a gun when it comes to content, social and SEO, the other is all about tactical campaigns and project management.

If we learnt anything during the hiring process it was…


1. Know your ‘must haves’ from your ‘nice to haves’

Marketing has as many specialisations as design, though like any organisation, our resources aren’t limitless. We had a range of technical requirements we thought would be great to have, but we had some definite, more intangible mandatory requirements.

One of our absolute ‘must haves’ is people who make the culture better, not the same or worse. We’re after great people, who are team focused and come equipped with high levels of emotional intelligence.


2. Short circuit unconscious bias by hard-baking objectivity into the process

Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast And Slow is a famously dense read, which I happened to be making my second attempt at reading it while we were recruiting. To paraphrase Kahneman, we make a lot of decisions using our more instinctive intelligence (he calls it ‘system 1’), which is prone to more bias than our more heavy-lifting rational mind (‘system 2’).

So we were mindful of building elements into our recruiting process that kept us as objective as possible. One of these, is that we had a set range of questions we asked each of the candidates, as well as a scoring system to inform decision-making. 


3. Make sure they can write!

For the record, our absolute requirements were much more top level than technical: can they write and can they organise? We needed top-shelf communicators; everything else was more-or-less depending on the quality of candidates we saw.

We met so many great people and candidates along the way. It’s been an absolute delight to see that there is such an abundance of talent in the market today – and it’s rather daunting for an old marketing guy like me.

I can’t wait to see where Christine and Elle will take us.


David Hayward is our Group Business and Marketing Director.

Photographer: Michael Frogley, Auckland office.


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