Some people say effective corporate gifting at holiday time is a key feature of relationship management.

We also think it’s a nice thing to do. Make that doubly nice if said gifts lean toward the ethical and environmentally friendly.

There’s no need to stress about gift ideas that have been done before – they can actually be an opportunity to stand out if you do them better. We’ve all received pens and mugs, but if your pen or mug is extra nice, clients will notice.

Choosing the right client gift is very subjective but at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts. Here are our favourite gift ideas for 2019.

Keep Cup
Trees that count
Keep Cup

Design tips for your gifts this Christmas

  • Keep packaging to a minimum.
  • Limit the size of your logo to be discreet rather than in your face.
  • Try to weave in an idea that links gifts back to what you do as a business.
  • Say ‘Happy Holidays’ rather than ‘Merry Christmas’, to be more inclusive.
  • Deliver gifts yourself – it's more fun and personal.

Gerry Marychurch worked in the business development team in our Auckland studio.

Designs by: Jacinta Mauga, Senior Designer, Wellington studio.