Meet Adrian

The secret to success in creating leading digital work for ambitious brands is to keep investing in incredible talent. This year, Dave Clark Design's digital team has got bigger and bolder with the arrival of Sandra and Riaan (UX designers) and now a new developer, Adrian!

Direct from Manilla, where he worked remotely with clients in Sydney and New York, Adrian is the super smart senior Drupal developer we’ve been hunting high and low for all year.

We were kind of wondering how he happened to pop up in Auckland of all places. But when he explained the 35degree heat back home, and the formality of having to call managers sir or madam, we thought, well, fair enough.

Adrian’s not totally new to our shores, as he’s already done some pretty sharp work on the relaunch of National Business Review, and, Fairfax’s new ad platform (which he describes as ‘like Google Ads but not’).

We’ve already got him hard at work on some exciting Health Promotion Agency projects running out of our Wellington studio, as well as Smart Order, our online platform that makes life easy for clients.

He can’t tell you much about Imelda Marcos or Manny Pacquiao, but he can give you a damn fine recipe for a mojito de mayon or kinilaw.

Christine Yuen worked in the business development team at Dave Clark Design.

Photographer: Michael Frogley.