Windana brand identity

Visualising a life-changing service.

Windana is a rehabilitation service tackling the life-threatening addictions of patients head-on. It’s inspirational stuff. With an expanded offering and increased funding in the pipeline, they approached us to develop a new brand identity that better reflected their reason for being as well as their expertise. One that better resonated with staff, patients, government and donors.

Windana 01 Intro

We started by meeting with staff members and clients at the centres, to gain insights into how they engaged with the Windana brand. Three themes stood out to us: the sense of optimism, health and wellbeing; family and connecting communities; and life skills and structure. While you can’t include everything in a brandmark, these sentiments and insights strongly influenced the wider design of brand elements such as photography, colour, typography and tone of voice. The solution was to develop a visual response that illustrated the overall idea of ‘life-changing’.

Life. Changing.
At the heart of everything Windana does.

The new brandmark reinforces Windana’s philosophy that drug and alcohol recovery is a holistic process, where the person is treated as much as the addiction. It builds from two hearts coming together, one representing the client and one representing their support networks (Windana, family, friends and community).

Windana 02 Business Card
Windana 03 AR1
Windana 04 AR2
Windana 05 Fact Sheet
Windana 06 ID
Windana 07 Signage
Windana 08 Badge

An identity with hope

Through extensive collaboration with the Windana team we were able to build a brandmark and language that every stakeholder can identify with. Striking a balance between the rational and emotive, the identity’s warmth and friendliness align to the concept of hope for patients.

Staff photo Gavin

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