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Give 'em a taste of Kiwi.

Like most global giants of the automotive world, much of Kia’s imagery is fairly nondescript … more generic city of the world than local capital .. which led to a certain lack of authenticity when talking to local markets. We had to change that.

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Snap Happy

Jumping in a brand-new Kia, we went on a road trip from Tauranga to Taupo armed with our cameras to shoot some uniquely Kiwi content. Locations like the beach at Mt Maunganui, the lake at Taupo and the mount at Ruapehu. Wherever we trained our lens, we were sure to hero the unique Kiwi backdrops as much as the car itself. We managed to capture all seasons in two days, the when we got back to the studio, took care of all the colour grading, retouching and image selection.

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Driving social media

Kia now has a very big and distinctly Kiwi image library it can roll out across social media and other marketing material all year round.

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