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Champions for Change

Website design

Better workplaces.


Champions for Change is an action group driving change on key issues such as pay equity, gender diversity, and flexible working.


As momentum continued to build, it needed us to move its modest Wix-based website to a SilverStripe platform, and review how content structure should be mapped to enhance user experience.  



Keeping the customer front of mind, we took a mobile-first approach to wireframes for key pages, templates and global components. And, at the same time, refreshed the Champions for Change brand, which we then applied to the website, striking a balance between rigid brand elements and the likes of illustration (while the website had to appeal to corporates, it also required some warmth as we were talking about people’s lives).


In the interests of consistency, efficiency and futureproofing, we took a modular approach to building templates that can be used over and over to create new content. Once the design was complete, we worked with the existing hosting provider to make sure the final website met the required technical standards, and, tested the website on different web browsers, operating environments and other hardware devices before being released to go live.




Champions for Change now has a future-proofed platform to interact with the business community. In combining two previous websites, we expanded the navigation and greatly increased its storytelling capability. The website is now more empathetic, which is crucial to the Champions for Change mission.


Each champion has a profile for the first time. And the group’s four commitments are more obvious. Visually, it feels more relevant and appealing to employers, which now have more insights and resources to draw on.



Champions for Change



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