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Here’s what we’ve been thinking.

Thrift Wars: a friendly competition of pre-loved classics.

Everyone loves a little friendly competition, and so it proved in the first edition of “Thrift Wars”, where we celebrated our favourite personal, pre-loved and classic pieces. Take a look at the best of the best retro and repurposed items from our team.

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Live at the Studio: Champions for Change.

It’s official! Our brand-new collaboration space is open for business. Most of the time we’ll be using it for user testing. But it’s also a fitting space to run events that bring clients together.

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Happy Singles' Day!

It’s a global phenomenon that’s a big deal for our Singapore and Asian people – and now increasingly Australia and New Zealand. It’s not just about love, it’s also about shopping! Here's what it is, and how brands can stand out.

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Making work a better place (for everyone).

Champions for Change is on a mission to improve workplace diversity and equality and we’re here to cheer them on!

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Three tips to finding great marketers.

We’re designers who solve design challenges for marketers – not recruitment headaches. But after hiring two marketing specialists of our own recently, we do have some tips for finding the right ones.

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Four approaches to walking the walk for sustainability.

Many people in digital and design don't just talk the talk when it comes to living a cleaner, greener life. Inspired by World Thrift Day, we talked to members of the Dave Clark Design team who walk the walk.

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Collaboration - a winning strategy.

The not-so-secret secret to award-winning UX work

Collaboration. It’s one of those words that are almost rendered inert and overused, like “passion”, “engagement” or “disruption”. But collaboration really is vital to great design and particularly to UX.

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DCD digital team getting bigger and bolder.

Meet Adrian

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Cooking up a successful brief.

Getting projects off to the right start. 

Over the past ten years, the best projects I’ve been across are the ones where the client is in the thick of it, working together with the agency at each step - especially in creating the brief. It's in this collaboration that synergies and ideas come to life, and those lightbulb moments spark.

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To get trust in your brand, you need to trust in brand.

Going back to basics with great brand experience.

In between the networking and cocktails, our team of account service heavyweights learned a whole heap of new stuff from marketers in different spaces.  

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