Champions for Change is on a mission to improve workplace diversity and equality and we’re here to cheer them on!

Working in a busy design studio, it’s easy to move from project to project without taking time to pause and reflect. So it’s quite refreshing that months after doing a brand refresh and launching the new Champions for Change website, I still find myself thinking about it.

I’m proud of what we achieved for Champions for Change, not just because the end product looks good but because it carries such an important message.

Champions for Change is an initiative that brings together 52 chairpersons and CEOs to advance the causes of inclusion and diversity in New Zealand workplaces.

These influential business leaders have all agreed to:

  • speak out about the benefits of diversity and inclusion;
  • measure gender and ethnic representation;
  • create inclusive and flexible workplaces;
  • invest in talent pipelines and leadership capability.

Reading through their individual profiles, hearing their advice and scrolling through the dozens of resources has made me believe positive change isn’t just a hope for the future - it’s achievable now.

It’s made me consider my own working environment. Are we a diverse enough bunch? Are there as many female leaders as male? Is there the option to work flexibly? Luckily, the answer where I work is ‘yes’. But there’s always more we can do.

If these questions have you reflecting too, a visit to the new Champions for Change website could be your company’s next step towards positive change in this direction. There’s loads of great information on everything from the merits of workplace flexibility to how to fix the gender pay gap.

So I’ll leave you with this – is your work environment diverse enough? Could it be? What can be done to bridge the gaps that exist?

Anna Cernis works in the client services team in our Auckland office.

Photographer: Michael Frogley.