The not-so-secret secret to award-winning UX work

Collaboration. It’s one of those words that are almost rendered inert and overused, like “passion”, “engagement” or “disruption”. But collaboration really is vital to great design and particularly to UX.

Anyone who has participated in collaborative projects will tell you, sometimes, the process is a lot more like a windy road than a straight path and if you’re not careful you can enjoy the journey too much and forget where you’re going.

The beauty of our collaboration with ANZ on this project is that they really came to the party with meaningful changes to the product offer that meant that when we matched it with a beautifully-efficient user experience the business results were impossible to argue. Great journey, and an ideal destination – perfect.

Here at Dave Clark Design, recognition is secondary to meaningful outcomes, but we’re pleased to say last week our two finalists spots lead to a Silver Award for UX in New Zealand's Best Design Awards.

So a huge congratulations to: ANZ – thank you for being so great and like an extension of our wonderful digital team (congrats team!). And thanks to all our fantastic goMoney customers who have been transferring money faster than we ever imagined.

Category: Optimising - User Experience
Creative Director: Jonathan Tillick
Design Director: Simon Smith
Team Members: Abbey Bailey, Diego Maia Evangelista, Brad Avison, Jonathon Coates
Contributors: Janine Magennis
Client: Tanya Hawthorne, Senior Product Manager - goMoney, ANZ; Jared Lingard, Product Manager - International Payments, ANZ

You can read more about Dave Clark Design’s finalist entries at the Best Awards here.

Christine Yuen worked in the business development team at Dave Clark Design.

Designs by: The Dave Clark Design Wellington studio